The Links :: To other musicians and music sites

Here are some links to other music-related sites I think are really awesome, I hope you check them out.

The Lucifer Luscious Violenoue Fansite -- this place is great for finding out everything about the enigmatic Lucifer and her many music projects including the band fiction and Gille'Loves.

Translated Lyrics @centigrade-j -- I actually use this resource a lot with some of the more popular bands out there.

GOD SAVE THE ROCK N ROLL -- Probably the best Takui fansite in English ever. Seriously. If you enjoy rock, punk, and a bit of power ballads, but always with tons of energy and emotion, check him out.

REI MASTROGIOVANNI -- One of my favorite musicians, period. Pink introduced me to him when he was still involved with the Lounge Derbies, we became pretty good friends, and now, a few projects later, he's a solo act on Avex Records in JAPAN. I'm SO proud and happy for him. Please support his music if you like punk, ska, funk and soul music.